Spare Me the Tears of Meat Farmers

Dissociation, compartmentalisation and hypocrisy in the meat industry

Hog farmer cries at having to shoot his pigs due to coronavirus shutdowns of slaughterhouses.
A hog farmer cries over having to shoot his own pigs instead of getting a slaughterhouse to kill them instead. Source: Earthling Ed
Source: The New York Times
Pork, dissociated from the animal. Source: Global Meat News
A “sow stall” where pregnant pigs are kept unable to stand, turn around or do anything except lie there in filth. Source: Farm Sanctuary

If you define “sick” the way you would for domestic animals or wild animals or for that matter humans, ALL pigs in meat farms are “sick” and suffering.

Spare me the tears of meat farmers.

Maybe we should learn to recognise the pain of pigs. They may not cry tears like we do but they suffer. Source: Animal Liberation Queensland

“The nature of our immortal lives is in the consequences of our words and deeds” — Cloud Atlas