Gagliano seems to be a total nutcase.

However I do think most adherents of panpsychism (of which I consider myself to be one) have a more nuanced and less anthropomorphic view of "universal mind". One that is more along the lines of what I quote above, that "consciousness" is a continuum.

The trouble with trying to articulate panpsychism is that it's almost impossible to talk about a concept like consciousness applying to non-humans, without using words that most people associate with specific qualities of human brains. Words like "thoughts" and "thinking" and "intelligence". Of course plants don't have thoughts the way human brains have thoughts, or even the way complex mammals have thoughts. And yet, sometimes using language like that is the only way to really try and describe what you do mean, which is that plants can share information with each other, not just reacting individually to environmental stimuli.

Likewise, when I say I believe that the universe itself is a vast super-consciousness, I don't mean that it's anthropomorphic, has thoughts in any way like human thoughts. That the universe is to a degree aware of its own existence. Words like "aware" being but poor metaphors for a reality that is many dimensions beyond the capacity of a 4 dimensional brain to understand, and almost infinitely larger.

However I do believe that Gagliano is a terrible representative of panpsychism, and she's very unscientific. All your criticisms of her are spot on.

“The nature of our immortal lives is in the consequences of our words and deeds” — Cloud Atlas

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